Customers sitting in the main gathering area at Zinc Coffee Joplin enjoying lattes and other coffee drinks.

Who We Are

Coffee is Important
Commitment to Quality

A good cup of coffee should be prepared ceremoniously and enjoyed thoroughly. Here at Zinc we are incredibly dedicated to serving the perfect cup of coffee every time so it can be enjoyed accordingly. 

Happy customer holding their cup of coffee with a big smile on his face.
Black and white espresso machine. Brewing a shot of espresso into a small cup.
Our Approach
Roasting as an Art

Our roasting team is obsessed with perfecting our beans to fill your cup with quality every time. Our sustainably sourced beans come from the best farms all over the world to not only supply our shop, but to support small businesses internationally.

We love our customers!
Serving the Community

As a community driven coffee shop we aspire to better the City of Joplin through quality service and intention. Whether it be starting the day off with a friendly barista or ending it with one of our community events, we hope our shop serves as a place of comfort and benefit to every member of our local community.

Cup of black coffee on top of a book with a large green leafed plant.

1825 S. Main St.
Joplin, MO