Zinc mines built Joplin. Zinc Coffee keeps it going.

The mineral Zinc is best known for its healing and soothing properties within the human body. Joplin’s rich history of zinc mining inspired the name of our coffee shop, but the properties held within the mineral inspired everything else. Here at Zinc we desire to facilitate a space in which anyone can come find healing, soothing, and a great cup of coffee.

Pop into our shop or come through our drive-thru and try one of our house roasted blends or single origins (current selections are described below). See you soon!

House of Lord's Joplin's infamous saloon that Zinc's House Blend Coffee is named after. Black and white photo with large bar area and classic bar seating. Large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and tiled black and white floor.


“The most infamous saloon in Joplin.” They gambled, drank, and frankly had quite a good time. It was a house for the camp of lawbreakers in Joplin, MO. While we aren’t quite as rowdy, the proprietors of The House of Lords, Peregoy & McCullough’s motto was “Live and let live.” Also known as “a place of quality.” What better reason to name our house blend after this fine establishment?

Tasting notes: citrus honey, black tea, fruity, floral, berry


If you’re from the Southwest Missouri area, you’ve probably heard of King Jack Park. We believe it has the essence of cowboys and robbers and pirates. Mischief and magic in everyday life. Think Robin Hood- stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. 

Tasting Notes: Baker’s chocolate, caramel, floral, berry, fruity

King Jack Park bridge located in the Southwest Missouri area which is the inspiration for the King Jack Coffee blend. Large brick pillars holding up the bridge. Lots of trees and a river flowing underneath.
Zinc Coffee Joplin's building with a giant sign out front. Covered patio with a natural wood fence. Large windows and two large garage doors.
Zinc Coffee's main gathering area with black chairs and couches with a coffee table in between.
Zinc Coffee Joplin's main gathering area. Large open room with lots of natural light streaming through the two large garage doors. Midcentury modern black, white, and natural wood furniture.
Coffee ordering bar with a large menu. Glass case with baked good inside. A barista is taking a customers order. There are multiple people sitting at tables gathering and drinking coffee together.
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1825 S. Main St.
Joplin, MO 64801